Hillside Entrance

The current view of the HPSM Hillside Entrance at 801 Gateway.

Plaza Entrance

The current view of the Plaza Entrance of 801 Gateway.

North Side

The current view of the north side of 801 Gateway.

Your Place for News on the Move

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We have launched this site as a portal for periodic updates and information surrounding the relocation of our offices from 701 Gateway to the building next door, 801 Gateway.

We will be polling employees and management on various topics, including recreational areas, parking, art and displays, etc.

Please feel free to respond to polls; provide your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions as comments to posts; and to give feedback and support on the comments of your co-workers.

If you have a news item about the move you’d like to have posted as a news story, please email web@hpsm.org.

– HPSM Marketing

Demolition Update

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The demolition project is still underway, with the most dramatic changes occurring on the first floor.

What a Difference a Night Makes

The main demolition project for 801 Gateway is underway.

The project planning staff convened for their weekly meeting:
IMG_8515 IMG_8523


Meanwhile, downstairs, there’s a scene out of a disaster movie: broken glass, insulation, fragmented wood paneling, and crumbled ceiling tiles litter the floor. Overhead, the skeleton of the building is visible, with wire veins snaking around metal ribs and concrete spine.


The demolition phase of this project will move very quickly. Interior walls should be coming down at any time.